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LeBron James

LeBron James

Small Forward, Los Angeles Lakers

Age: 34 Height: 6-8 Weight: 250 lbs School: No College

Los Angeles Lakers

LeBron James News

LeBron James said he is raring to step up his intensity level for a playoff push, starting against the Rockets on Thursday, saying the Lakers are "working our tails off to get there."

Kyrie Irving sat down with ESPN's Rachel Nichols to discuss the challenges he's faced with the Celtics this season as well as his phone call to LeBron James.

Celtics point guard Kyrie Irving told ESPN's Rachel Nichols that his call to apologize to former Cavaliers teammate LeBron James, now with the Lakers, was needed "just to move forward in my life."

How will the remainder of the NBA regular season unfold? Read our bold predictions then have your say on the storylines raised by voting on each topic. 'The Lakers will NOT make the playoffs' With LeBron James fit and firing before Christmas, the Los Angeles Lakers looked every inch a playoff

MIAMI — Golden State is still the favorite for a fourth title in five years. Milwaukee, Toronto, Indiana, Boston, Philadelphia, Oklahoma City, Denver, can all go ahead and cancel those mid-April vacation plans if they were foolish enough to have made them in the first place. For LeBron James and Dwyane

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